At Adult X Toys, we offer the best sex paddles for couples that you will find in any online shop. Through these products, you can explore a world of exciting new possibilities. You can start your next adventure by shopping our paddles for sex today!

Introducing Sex Paddles in the Bedroom

sex paddles

Impact play is a common kink and refers to applying impact on a person’s body for sexual gratification. Those who want to go beyond hand spanking may find pleasure in toys such as sex paddles or whips and floggers. If you’re new to this type of pleasure, we recommend starting small. We have a wide variety of sex paddles ideal for beginners and experienced alike. Some of the best options we have available include:

  • Traditional Paddles: There are two kinds of traditional paddles, single-sided and double-sided. In most cases, these paddles for sex use a smooth, durable material like leather or wood. We recommend this paddle type for beginners. 
  • Layered Paddles: These sex paddle types offer a unique experience. Their various leather strips flap with every swing, providing individuals with multiple sensations with every hit. If you are looking for a varied experience, we encourage you to take a look at our options today.
  • Loop Paddles: These paddle types make loud sounds that offer maximum arousal. This could be a great way for you to try something new in the bedroom.
  • Imprint Paddles: These sex paddles are ideal for visual people. They leave the shape printed on the paddle on your partner, which will stay imprinted on the skin for some time. 

Sex Paddle Kits & More

If you’re ready to shop for sex paddles for couples, you’ve found the best online store for them. We have a wide array of individual paddles and sex paddle kits for various preferences. At Adult X Toys, we offer 100% private and discreet services, from a professional company billing name to inconspicuous packaging. Try out a sex paddle or shop for other products now to experience an unmatched pleasure!

Common Questions About Sex Paddles

What Are Sex Paddles?

Everybody needs a good spanking from time to time, but using your hand isn’t always ideal. Aiming for that sweet spot on your partner’s behind is much easier with a wider surface, which is why the sex paddle exists! Sex paddles are typically long rectangular or round paddles with handles popularly made from leather, rubber, or silicone. They can be used during sex or foreplay as you prepare your partner with some sweet punishment. You can lead the foreplay with sex paddles or jump into intense fun!

Are Sex Paddles Popular?

Absolutely! Thousands of people search for “Sex Paddles” every month and they’ve been some of our best-selling items. Our sex paddles come in different shapes and sizes. Whether you need a paddle to give your partner a little friendly tap, or a serious sexual spanking, we’ve got the perfect product for you.

Do Sex Paddles Hurt?

A painful pleasure is definitely what those who’re using sex paddles are seeking. Of course, it can hurt if you swing hard enough, but many of these paddle surfaces are ideal for a good spanking. Play within your limits and using a sex paddle can definitely bring some sexy kink into your bedroom..or living room..or kitchen, or wherever you handle your business!

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