Nocturnal Collection Paddle – Black


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Discover the exhilarating blend of pain and pleasure with the Nocturnal™ Collection Paddle, an essential tool for those who seek to intensify their sensory experiences. This paddle is meticulously crafted to deliver a satisfying impact, making it a perfect addition for both light and intense play.

The paddle features a sturdy, double-stitched design, ensuring it withstands all levels of play. Its balanced weight and ergonomic handle provide a comfortable grip, allowing for precise and controlled strikes that resonate with every impact.

A convenient strap is included for ease of use and added control during play, making the paddle both practical and versatile. Whether you’re a novice exploring the realms of impact play or a seasoned enthusiast, the Nocturnal™ Collection Paddle is an instrument of discipline that allows partners to explore their boundaries and deepen their trust.

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